Frequently Asked Questions

Five Questions to Ask before
Joining Our CSA

1. Is the relationship to the farmer important to you?

If it is, you’re saying you have our back, and that you’re willing to stand behind us. The essence of a CSA is that relationship between the farmer and shareholder. We promise to grow wholesome food and deliver it to you each week, as well as provide what was planned to the best of our ability. But nature sometimes has other plans. Your commitment to support us no matter what happens in the season is what helps this work so terrifically. We’re grateful you support local farmers and eating good food. 

2. Does the taste and quality of your food matter to you?

We believe once you’ve tasted what vegetables (and eggs!) should taste like, you’ll never go back. Our veggies taste the way they do because of how we grow them, which is without pesticides and harmful sprays and with a strong attention to keeping our soil healthy with good compost and nature’s helpers. We have a love of the land and a commitment to growing things the “new old way.” This takes added effort, but it’s worth it. And our produce and eggs are all Certified Naturally Grown.

3. Are you willing to try new foods?

We hope so! Because you’re likely going to find some in your CSA basket from time to time. We do help out with ideas for how to use our produce, especially varieties of vegetables you might be less familiar with. And since our vision is constantly growing and part of that is exposing you to new vegetables, we hope you love it. Don’t worry, though—the majority of what you receive is widely known and loved.

4. Do you need control in your menu planning?

We give you a general idea of what to expect, in terms of seasonal offerings, in our Farmer-Shareholder Agreement. At the beginning of each week, we also email a heads-up about what to expect that particular week. But there are always surprises, so you can expect to get more than what we may have indicated. Can you roll with this kind of excitement? Many of our shareholders have commented that opening up each week’s basket and exploring what’s inside is like Christmas! Doesn’t that sound great?

5. Are you looking for a deal, or comparing your share to prices in the grocery store?

You won’t find the same quality of vegetables in your local store, so it’s not an apples to apples comparison (forgive the pun) but you’ll find our shareholders frequently report we are a good value, and they are more than pleased with what they receive for the price they pay. You might find we are comparable, more expensive and sometimes less expensive to grocery store prices if you are buying high-quality organic vegetables. Of course, some of those will be shipped from across the country, or even overseas, which greatly reduces their nutritional value and freshness. If this is a benchmark for you, please remember at the heart of the CSA is really the farmer-customer relationship. We value that above all else.