We, the folks at Powder Keg Farms, wish to provide you with fresh, local, seasonal food and you, the shareholder, wish to receive a portion of our harvest. This agreement outlines our shared commitments to that relationship. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between our farm and you as our share buyer. Rather than simply purchasing food, our buyers become “shareholders” of this CSA farm, and receive a portion of the farm’s harvest.  

Each of our 4 CSA Seasons run for 12 weeks, year round. The Farm is responsible for delivering your share of freshly harvested produce and/or prepared goods each week. As a shareholder, you will receive vegetables/fruits/eggs/baked goods/prepared foods, etc. or a combination, equivalent to two grocery bags of produce, with two/three bags during peak season. Detailed information regarding delivery, variety and quantity is discussed below.

The farm’s produce, poultry and bees are Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), which is similar to organic certification because it requires compliance to the same required standards (see below). Naturally grown produce is grown without using specific conventional pesticides, fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge, bioengineering or ionizing radiation. Our chickens and their eggs are also CNG, and come from birds that are not ever given antibiotics or growth hormones. Our birds are free-range and grass-fed. They are allowed continuous access to the outdoors during daylight hours and receive the majority of their nutrients from non-GMO feed, grasses, vegetable clippings and bugs throughout their life.  

Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), “The Grassroots Alternative to Certified Organic,” is a US-based farm assurance program certifying producelivestock and apiaries for organic producers who sell locally and directly to their customers CNG was founded in 2002 by organic farmers Kate and Ron Khosla, as a simpler to administer and less expensive alternative to the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP) certification, using a production standard based on the NOP.

We select a consistently full and diverse share to our shareholders while avoiding over-delivering any one product. Each season offers produce just a little bit different from the others. What will be in your basket each season is based on our best estimate, but of course, weather, pest and other events can affect actual production. And when it comes to the prepared foods, we’ll do our level best to respect your personal preferences i.e., gluten-free, vegetarian, allergies, etc.